Hot Cross Bun Kit (Bakes 12)

Hot Cross Bun Kit (Bakes 12)

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This box includes all the ingredients you need to make the tastiest hot cross buns, in the same way we make them at the bakery. We have included everything from the special flour we use at the restaurant to the home made, cultured butter. All of the flours are stone ground and UK grown from heritage varieties that all have their own interesting qualities. 

We’re committed to supporting sustainable agriculture, regenerative farming practices and millers that share our love for fresh and tasty flour. We aim to use heritage flours as often as we can at both Lyle’s and Flor - beyond the mindful sourcing, we want these tasty grains in our breads and pastries so we can share them in a memorable way.


Cereals containing Gluten, Dairy, Sulphur Dioxide