Meet the team: Esra Koraltan, Bakery Manager

Will you tell us a little about yourself and what you get up to outside of work? 

After work, it’s mostly gym for me. Then I cycle back home, cook something for myself and hang out with friends. On the weekends I love checking out new bakeries and restaurants or taking the train to a different town. 

What is it that first attracted you to working with bread and pastry and what’s kept you interested all these years later?

I’ve been baking since I can remember. Whenever my parents went abroad, I used to ask them to bring me back sprinkles, food colourings, cookie moulds and millions of other things which we didn’t really get in Turkey at the time. At university, I studied Psychology but my passion for baking was always there, just slightly in the background. During Covid, I was made redundant from my Marketing job in London so I went back home for 6 months. That is when I started to bake at home. This quickly escalated and I started to make bigger quantities to sell to the people in the neighbourhood. That’s when I decided to make baking a career. I’m still a novice!

What is it that you feel sets Flor Bakery apart from others in the industry?

I’ve been following Flor since it opened in 2019 in Borough Market. I would cycle down there to get pastries every now and again and my mind would be blown each time. 

I think what sets Flor apart from others is the transparency and care they exhibit. So much thought goes into where the flour comes from, who the farmer is, where it’s milled.. as well as adapting the products to seasons so the Flor Sourdough you get in December could be different to the one in June. I think this really sets Flor apart and I think it’s what gets people most excited about our products.

If you had to choose one pastry from your childhood to return to again and again, what is it and why so formative?

I would definitely choose gevrek! It’s a Traditional Turkish breakfast staple. Breakfast, especially a big Sunday breakfast, is a big deal for me and my family, and this is a staple of Sunday mornings. It reminds me of home, and always good times spent with family and a big group of friends.

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